Aluminum for Boat

Aluminum for Boat Making
Aluminum for Boat Making

Aluminum Sheet for Boat with PE Film

Common Aluminum Alloy: 5083/5086/5052/6061

Available Thickness: 1.6mm-30mm

Available Tempers: O/H14/H32/H34/H112/H116/H321


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Aluminium sheet has light weight. And it is durable and corrosion resistance. Thus, it is a popular material for making boat. Generally, the 5000 series aluminium alloy sheets are often used for marine industry. Our customers use them for hull plating, decking and superstructure. Our company has different thickness aluminium alloy sheet for your ship building business. You can apply the different thickness on different part of the boat. We also have various sizes for you to choose.

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Advantages of Using Wanda Aluminum for Boat Making

  • Light weight: Compared with the steel or some other traditional materials, using aluminium alloy plate for boat building can reduce the boat weight. And it also improve the fuel efficiency.
  • Corrosion resistance: Under the marine environment, the boat need corrosion resistance. Our aluminum sheets has excellent performance on the corrosion resistance. Especially, our 5083 h116 and 5083 h321 aluminium alloy plates are marine grade aluminum sheets, which have DNV certifications.
  • Easy to weld: For ship building, structural joints are required. The 5000 seires aluminium sheet for boat building use are easy to weld. It is better than mechanical joints.
  • Cost-effective: Using aluminum alloy plate for making boat, you will need less material because of the lightweight properties. And then the cost will be highly reduced.
  • Design flexibility: It is easy for you to shape and mold the aluminum sheet. For your ship manufacturing business, it is convenient to creat complex, custom designs.
Aluminium Boat
Aluminium Boat

Recommended Aluminum Alloys for Boat Making

Aluminium Alloy No. Application
5083/5086 Side Plating, Bottom Plate
5083 Keel,Boat Ribs, Engine Pedestal, Balwark
5083/6061 Ribbed Plate, Bulkhead
5052/5083/5086/5454 Deck
5083/5052 Pilot House, Funnel
3003/3004/5052 Roof and Side Plates