Aluminum for Car Lightweight

Aluminum Sheet for Car
Aluminum Sheet for Car

Aluminum Sheet for Car with Film

Common Aluminum Alloy: 5083/5052/5754/5182/5454/6061

Available Thickness: 0.5mm-6mm

Available Width: 800mm-2250mm


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Nowadays, the automobile lightweight development is popular. Many car manufacturers utilize aluminium sheets for car making. The aluminum has light weight. Using aluminium sheets for vehicle manufacturing, the car body weight will be lower. And the fuel efficiency will be highly improved. Meanwhile, aluminium alloy can withstand different temperature and weather conditions.

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Why use aluminum for car lightweight development?

  1. Improving the fuel efficiency: Because of the light weight of aluminium alloy sheets material, the aluminium car will have light weight. Thereupon, the fuel consumption will be less. And the fuel efficiency will be high.
  2. Durable: Aluminum plates are durable and strong. Using aluminum alloy plates for automobile manufacturing, the crash resistance and structural integrity will be excellent.
  3. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion: Aluminium material has brilliant corrosion resistance and rust resistance. It means that using aluminum in car industry, the aluminum car parts will be not rust or deteriorate after long time exposure.
  4. Easy to shape: Aluminum sheet has good performance on the weldability. For your car parts design requirements, aluminium plate is easy for you to shape.
  5. Protecting the environment: Aluminum is one kind of recyclable materials. Thus, it is an environment friendly choice for the car industry.
Wanda Aluminium for Car Lightweight
Wanda Aluminium for Car Lightweight