Marine Grade Aluminium Sheet

Marine Grade Aluminum
Marine Grade Aluminum

Marine Grade Aluminum

Common Aluminum Alloy: 5083/5086

Temper: H116/H321

Available Thickness: 1mm-30mm

Width: 800mm-2250mm


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Marine grade aluminium sheet is specially used in ship building business. The aluminium should meet the requirements in marine environment. Thus, the aluminium sheets should be corrosion resistance and has high strength. We have aluminium alloy sheets for boat making. And it is light weight and durable. Especially, both our 5083 h116 aluminium and 5083 h321 aluminum alloy have certifications for ship building.

How to use Wanda aluminum for marine industry?

  1. 5083 aluminium alloys is the most popular marine grade aluminium plate among all the aluminium alloys. It has high strength and excellent weldability. It is commonly used for making hulls, decks and some other structural components in ship building bussiness.
  2. The properties of 5086 aluminium is similar with the 5083 aluminium alloy. You can also use it for boat making. While, only the 5083 h116 and 5083 h321 aluminium alloy plates are marine grade with certifications.
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