6061 Aluminum Plate

6061 Aluminum Plate
6061 Aluminum Plate

6061 Aluminum Plate

Density: 2.75g/cm³

Available Thickness: 0.2mm-170mm

Available Width: 800mm-2250mm

Available Tempers: F/T6/T651

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6061 aluminium alloy sheet belongs to 6000 series aluminium plates. It contains aluminium, magnesium and silicon contents. These three types chemical contents are main contents. The 6061 aluminium sheets density is about 2.75g/cm³. It is a common used aluminium alloy in the market. And the 6061 aluminum has good mechanical properties and weldability. This aluminium alloy is widely used for automobile manufacturing.

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  • Excellent weldability and formability
  • Resistance to stress, cracking and corrosion
  • Medium and high strength
  • Medium fatigue strength
  • Good cold formability
  • Light weight


  • Ship building: Because of the excellent corrosion resistance and durability in seawater, the 6061 is suitable for manufacturing boats, ships, motorboats and so on.
  • Transportation: Making truck and trailer components, bicycles and some other recreational vehicles.
  • Window frames: Aluminium 6061 alloy sheets have high strength. It is popular for construction using. For example, making window or door frames often utilize the 6061 alloy plates.
  • Rivets and molding: It is easy for you to machine and fabricate the 6061 aluminum. You can use it for custom parts and prototypes making.

6061 Aluminium Application
6061 Aluminium Application